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Say hello to Greg Terry our October Champion!

Hello Greg Terry... here are your October Champion's Questions... should you choose to accept them.

Who is Greg Terry?

Greg Andrew Terry, hmmm I guess I would call myself a young freelance graphic artist, illustrator and all round maker of imagery. Who lives and works in the stereotypical rainy and tea drinking United Kingdom, which is only a short train ride away from the late great London.

Please describe your work in three lovely words

Intergalactic sex symbols 

What should we know about you that you normally try to keep a secret? ;) This is a bare all interview after all! Nudity not required.

Oh that is a shame, I had some .jpgs ready and willing to be sent to NewSugar for a double page spread.. but if you say so!

I think this is my problem half the time, I’m not very good at actually keeping secrets. The bigger they get the more I will quite easily tell everyone if not I would properly self combust of implode… but for the purpose of the interview I shall squeal like a pig. I’m quite a messy designer, be it my studio or my computer files (once had a 2gig illustrator file), another secret thing is I have a weird obsession with jazz, which I do like to collect on my iPod.

How did you get to be the Greg Terry (illustrator and designer extraordinaire) that we know today? Was this even where you wanted to be or were the ice cream men and cowboy positions all taken.

Well at a very young age I was really interested in drawing and cartoons and they went very much hand in hand. I think it was when I was like twelve years old when I won a poster competition at my school I thought “bloody hell, I could do this as a living”.

By the age of fifteen I was the only kid at my school who self taught them self Photoshop and a little bit of Adobe Flash (in them days Macromedia Flash) so I was very much interested in the processes of design at a young age.

But here’s a exclusive secret just for NewSugar, I did want to become a ice cream man and cowboy at a very very young age, maybe not at the same time because that would just not work with the commitments with each job, but maybe a ice cream man 9 to 5 and night shifts as a cowboy!

What would be your ideal job? Style, client, output etc.

I’ve always wanted to work for a studio and learn a lot from the ins and outs of their Di Vinci code ways and one day have my own mini studio empire. But for now I’ll settle for an internship, since I’m currently studying for a Bachelors Arts (BA) at university.

This question is more like a min advertisement, so anyone interested in giving Greg Terry a placement reading NewSugar please get in contact :D

What, apart from designing and illustrating, do you do in your spare time?

Ummm well I have been working on other things apart from just 2d design work, I’ve actually ventured out and started to make my very own hand made toys.

Here’s a top secret exclusive for NewSugar readers the very first image of ‘Noodles’. Resin moulds will be made for a collectible series run of 20. Coming soon at my web store

Check out Noodles here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you were a method of cooking which method would you be? – Question not taken from the serious book of interview questions, but quite revealing all the same!

It would have to be Sushi, just the way the food is made and presented, so delicate and skilful. Artists in there own right.

The creative industry in 2010, discuss. Question, possibly, taken from the serious book of interview questions.

Not really the person to ask about this but I’ll give it a shot. Things are looking up with the credit crunch and all that rubbish is still going to be around even though I never felt it personally, I think there will always be fat cats with the big cigars and brandy glasses ready to make money, so let them splash out on advertising campaigns and the creative industry will flourish once more.

Where is Greg Terry going to be in four years, three months and six days? Please feel free to answer this question in the third person; unless you have done so all the way through the interview... it’s getting a little weird if you have.

Well Greg Terry would be almost be twenty five years young and there would be flying cars like in the cartoon ‘The Jetsons’, I would imagine.

On a serious note I would like to be happily working in a job I love and learning and evolving everyday (be it on Earth or in space in 2014)

NewSugar showcases a lot of new talent and we get a lot of one question in particular from artists just starting out. Maybe you can help answer this question for us. What is your number one tip for success?

Ooooh I don’t think I’m in a position to answer that question, as I still think I’m in a small pond, which will be soon let out into the big ocean. But if you want to know what got me this far, it’s just hard work and a lot of trying and failing. To fail at something is the only way to learn, mistakes are very welcome.

One more thing...

You can catch me at and on the wonderful twitter @gregterry also I have an online store opening soon.

Thanks for having me and let NewSugar live long and prosper.

NewSugar says...

Well that's Greg Terry the first from our Champion series. If you would like to nominate yourself to become our November Champion head on over to the wonderful Society6 website and add yourself to the list of potentials. It's really that easy...

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