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Say hello to Jonny Wan our December Champion!

Hello Jonny Wan... here are your December Champion Questions

Who is Jonny Wan

Jonny wan is a hard working illustrator, design book hoarder and stationary connoisseur.

Please describe your work in three, two syllable words

Urban, pattern, faces.

What should we know about you that you normally try to keep a secret?

I don’t have any secrets, all my secrets have been revealed in a recent online tutorial I made, I’m not going to tell you where though! Personally I also have nothing to hide, I am an open book!

How did you get to be the Jonny Wan that we know today? Was this even where you wanted to be or were the Sausage Factory Owner and Mountain Climber positions all taken?

My application for the being a mountain climber was turned down as they found out I was afraid of heights and the sausage industry just wasn’t what is once was so now instead of making weird faces from sausages I now make them on my computer at home, much more satisfying!

The serious question: What’s your ideal job? Style, client, output etc.

My ideal job would be to have my own signature pair of trainers, I absolutely adore trainers and have too many in my bedroom, also I think designing them would be a great challenge and a fresh change to the illustration I’m doing at the moment.

How do you go about creating your own style?

Everyone has their own style just like everyone’s handwriting is different from each other’s. The best advice I can give is to look to your design heroes and rather be heavily influenced by them just be aware that they are there. The word “inspiration” is a double-edged sword that can leave designers feeling intimidated when looking at someone else’s work yet we as designers need inspiration to for further our own work. So its important to get the balance right and always believe in your own work.

If you were a type of music which type would you be?

If I was a type of music I would definitely be mid 90’s gangster rap! Not that I’m a rapper or a gangster but simply because it reminds me of the good old days at school when there was no worry of Photoshop crashing or clients that wont pay you! Also it’s the music that I work best to at night!

Are you living the dream...? Please give an example showing why this is a YES or NO. :)

Yes I am! As well as featuring on this brilliant site, all the long hours spent drawing doodling and creating images is starting to pay off and I can actually see this becoming an exciting career. (Touchwood) I have an image to be featured in the next issue of AMMO magazine, which you can see at my Flickr. Also I have met a lot of brilliant people who have advised me and are where I want to be eventually, so it’s great to know I have that professional support within my work. Big ups to Ben the illustrator, Stephen Chan, Uberkraaft, katari and the tree house press who are all brilliant people!

The creative industry in 2010, discuss. Question, possibly, taken from the serious book of interview questions.

Good question. Who knows given the current times we are in but I am a great believer that there is always room for good people and good work. So hopefully 2010 will just be more of the same. There are a lot of talented people doing great things in the design community so long may it continue.

Where is Jonny Wan going to be in four years, three months and six days?

Jonny wan will still be creating faces and shapes and all things colourful, hopefully in a bigger and warmer room!

NewSugar showcases a lot of new talent and we get a lot of one question in particular from artists just starting out. Maybe you can help answer this question. What are your top three tips for success?

  • Never give up and doodle every day and make sure you are enjoying what you produce.
  • Aim high and don’t be afraid to show your work everywhere, you need criticism whether its good or bad, it’s the only way you can improve upon what you have.
  • Make contact with the professionals who are where you want to be in the future, they have first hand experience and have been through the motions of establishing themselves. There’s no one better to learn from then your fellow professionals.

One more thing... (The real self promotional part of the interview – translate this part however you see fit)

Thank you NewSugar for making me December champion, it’s been a pleasure. You can see more of my work at and you can connect with me on twitter at

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