We've had so many contributing artists show an interest in creating a cover for us over the last few months that NewSugar has decided to publish a special edition of the mag created entirely from covers...

Madness you cry but but what better way to showcase creativity than to show a whole collection of what is surely the most coveted part of the mag!

With no featured interviews and no regular content to stand in the way of what promises to be a unique publication we are really excited about this awesome project.

And now for the good bit...

We want YOU to design us a cover!

We have been Twittering madly over the last few days and the response has encouraged us to put this plan into action. So here it is your chance to design a cover (or several) for NewSugar. Follow the instructions to your right and send us your sub! It's as simple as that.

Note: We can't promise that your work will get into the mag unless it's awesome! Although, we are sure it will be. ^_^

Basically your cover should involve the following things:

  1. A 220mm x 220mm design - 300dpi CMYK
  2. A large NewSugar logo designed by you for this issue - to be a focal point of the page
  3. The original NewSugar 'acorn' logo - this can be small and out of the way as long as it's included and readable - click here for the logo
  4. The words: 'Featuring *yournamehere*' showing you as featured artist for the issue
  5. Finally, a crap load of awesome creativity everywhere else

Note: You don't have to include any artists names on the cover (other than yours) but if you want to include them (for the full cover experience!) then you will need to invent their names - i.e. Jeff Leoppard.

Sound like fun? Once you have completed your cover send them into: subs[at]newsugar.co.uk

If you have any questions give us a shout and we will be glad to answer them.

The deadline is Now finished... Bad luck!

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